Monday, 14 June 2010

Garden Pop Machine

I'm sure, just like me, that you've always dreamt of having a vending machine stuck on your front drive.
Behold and be jealous...
In the backstreets of Asagaya.

Around Shimokitazawa

In a huge city like Tokyo, it's always nice to visit a district that keeps it real with independant traders.
Shimokitazawa is one such place.
Of course it's always going to be hard to wander around without Mcdonalds/Starbucks/KFC rammed in your face, but this place tries hard to honour the Liitle Man.
Similar to Koenji, with a younger Kichijoji/Shibuya crowd.

Shimokitazawa is planned for major reconstruction and demolition as a highway is built through it, much to the protest of residents and shoppers.