Monday, 6 July 2009

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Like the header states, the real beauty of Tokyo is the concrete mass and surrounding eyesores.
There's something about it...
Concrete monstrosities.
Flashing neon signs that splutter and crackle as you walk by.
Cockroach-infested backstreet noodle restaurants.
Graffiti and sticker art is also an interest of mine, but on the photography side of things.
It all gives Tokyo character.

My interest in these kind of pics was way before I found out about Koji Onaka.
His book Tokyo Candy Box is a source of inspiration for me.

Here's a link:

And some of his pics above.

Nothing has quite summed up Tokyo City like he did on his old Pentax.

Just in case you might have a passing interest, I am using:
Pentax K10D
Casio Exilim zx1000
Ricoh GX200

I shoot in JPEG.
Try to replicate what I see as best as I can without enhancing the images.

That's it.
Enjoy the pics.


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